About Houens Odde

Houens Odde International Scout Centre is owned and run by The KFUM-Scouts in Denmark.  It is a national scout organization which is member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).

At Houens Odde you will meet the employed staff responsible for the everyday service, booking, hiring out, development and much more.


Arriving at Houens Odde

Call the duty officer (phone no + 45 2222 9426) an hour before your arrival. Then you will be met and guided to the place you have booked.


NB! All inquiries about facility booking, camps and events must be
made to our main phone number or e-mail address:

+45 7010 5115


Susanne B. Christoffersen

Tel. +45 7632 7110
E-mail: houensodde-@-houensodde.dk

Answers the phone, responsible for booking and customers' relations. Prepares and sends out information about camps and trainings at Houens Odde International Scout Center.

Karsten Vilken Mulvad
Center manager

Tel +45 7632 7111
E-mail: Karsten@houensodde.dk 

Responsible for the daily running and staff management. Karsten connects the volunteers, the KFUM-Scouts in Denmark and the employees.

Nicolaj Mathiasen
Sales and activity consultant
Tel. +45 7632 7112
E-mail: nicolaj@houensodde.dk 

Responsible for sale of activities and training facilites to business customers booking the center while the scouts and guides are not using it.

Lilian W. Sørensen
Department manager
Tel. +45 7632 7129

Responsible for the kitchens, shopping, cleaning and the staff employed for these jobs.

Gitte Møller
Kitchen assistant
Tel. +45 7632 7120

Cooks for the business customers as well for scout events. Gitte also cleans and tidies the center.

Kristian Schneider

Responsible for the maintenance of the center - outdoor and indoor - as well as the daily operations.

Kenneth Tarillon
Assistant janitor

Assists with the maintenance of the center.