Environmental certification for scout centers

Houens Odde International Scout Center is one of the 23 environmentally certified scout and guide centers throughout the world.
The certification is called SCENES  - Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and Environment.

 In order to get the environmental certification a scout center must in everyday life and in the activities offered:

  • Work to protect nature resources
  • Protect the green environment at the center
  • Plan environmental education that gives the scouts and guides insight in an ability to actively make a decision in environmental issues.

SCENES allows scouts and guides worldwide to actively participate in a sustainable proces from which nature and the environment can benefit.

The SCENES centers form an international network that strenghtens three principles in scouting and guiding:

  • Education through nature and the environment
  • Learning about nature and the environment
  • Acting to benefit nature and the environment 

Read more about SCENES here.