Flexible outdoor facilities

It is important to us that we use the entire center and not least the nature at Houens Odde. That is the reason why we have designed some flexible outdoor facilities that can be moved to right where you like to use them.

Kitchen trailer
Our specially designed kitchen trailer can be placed wherever we can drive a tractor.
It contains tables, a sink, movable fireplaces, a water heater and a wood heated pizza oven. The kitchen trailer is meant for joint activities and groups can borrow it.

Hammock circles
Probably the greatest experience is lying in a hammock looking into the branches of a beech tree. That is the reason why we have made hammock circles in the forest. The snap locks are already there so you just have to ask the staff if you can borrow a hammock - or maybe ten. If you like you can stay overnight in the hammocks.

Pop up rooms
If you need a place to concentrate - or draw back - then bring one of our pop up tents to the forest. The tents have a guide to reflexion if you need it. The tents can be borrowed just like the hammocks. Just ask.

Movable seatings
A quiet moment at the water or in the middle of the forest. While sitting comfortably. Borrow one of our movable seatings. You can borrow a Fat Boy beanbag chair or a box with small mats that can be used on one of our wooden log benches.

Hugin and waterworld
Houens Odde is surrounded by water and we love to take our guests to the fjord.

Hugin is our large raft with enough space for about 20 scouts/guides and a few leaders. Hugin is run by engine and it is perfect for small trips, chasing crabs and looking at everything happening in the sea.

Waterworld allows you to sleep on the water. It is a floating campsite, exactly large enough for a patrol tent. You have to canoe to and from Waterworld.