The Gilwell Huts

At the end of the gravel road, in the far end of Houens Odde, the Gilwell Huts are placed. 
They consist of five beautiful wooden houses with thatched roofs, hiding between the beech trees.

The Gilwell Huts are the largest training center at Houens Odde but as well one of the most cosy places you could imagine.

Next to the huts there is a small room for reflection and prayers and there is plenty of space for outdoor activities at the large tiled courtyard between the houses.

The buildings are furnished as a training and conference center with three large and some smaller rooms, a diningroom and one large and two smaller kitchens. 

There are a total of 68 beds in 24 rooms (the rooms have either two or four beds)

Close to the Gilwell Huts there are more campsites suitable for camping in tents.


For prices contact the center office: / tel. +45 7010 5115.