Time for thoughts

At Houens Odde we like to make space for reflections and thoughts. Both with and without religion involved. Just the beautiful surroundings make you think but there are also spaces for thoughts all over the center. These are small places where you can be on your own and enjoy the silence or shout towards the tree tops.

The wooden church
Next to Steensgaarden there is a small wooden church. It is copied from the churches in Denmark during the Middle Ages. The church was made for the national jamboree for the KFUM-Scouts in 2000 and afterwards it was moved to Houens Odde.
The church has been inaugurated as a protestant church but is not consecrated any more.

Room for Thoughts
Next to the Gilwell Huts there is a small triangular hut called Tankerummet (The thought room). The place is created as a sanctuarry where you can let your thoughts run. In the room you can find various literature about belief and thoughts and use it while looking at the forest through the large windows.

Places for service
At the center there are two places for morning prayers, both placed with a view to the fjord. There are rustic crosses, benches and small altar tables in the places.

The areas are situated near Steensgaarden and near the Gillwellhytterne. Follow the signs "Andagtsplads" into the forest.