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Houens Odde International Scout Centre is the largest scout centre in Northern Europe and it is open all year for scouts and guides, as well as for people who are not scouts. The centre is owned by the Danish scout organization KFUM-Scouts in Denmark, and the centre was founded in 1948. The centre is the main training and education centre for the KFUM-Scouts in Denmark, and therefore we have a big focus on leaders.

Houens Odde is situated in the heart of Denmark, about 10 km from the city of Kolding and 45 km away from Billund International Airport. Houens Odde is a peninsula surrounded by water. Many of the campsites are in the forest, close to the water. There is also on big grass area before you enter the forest with a beautiful view to the water.

You can plan your own scout or guide camp at the centre – indoor or outdoor. Or you can join one of the events in the centre programme.

At Houens Odde we have Danish and international volunteers working all year round. This means that you can always get an international experience when you visit our centre.