Scout Scoop 27. dec.-1. jan.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve “The Scout Scoop Way”- join the international Scout Scoop event in Denmark and have the best time of your life…

Scout Scoop is a 100 % international annual camp held in Denmark during the Christmas Holidays, arranged by the KFUM-Scouts and the Houens Odde International Scout Centre, with participants and staff from all over the world.

The main goal of the event is to celebrate New Year’s Eve “The Scout Scoop WayAt this event you can also expect a lot of traditional and non-traditional scout activities from all over the world.

The staff is in charge of the program BUT there will also be plenty of time to just hang out, along with your own national activity or come up with other great stuff as we go along…

Accommodation : we will sleep indoor at the scout centre; part of the staff will be in charge of the cooking, and some of the work will be done by the patrols we make – even though we are sleeping indoor it doesn’t necessarily mean that we cannot make dinner over a campfire or sleep in an igloo. 

You will be together with 50 other happy, exited and magnificent scouts from all over Denmark and the rest of the world. And you will also meet a happy, exited, magnificent and well prepared staff, also from all over the world, ready to give you the time of your life!

So what are you waiting for?! Come and join us!!



Age: 15-18 years old

Date: 27th dec. 2017 - 01st Jan 2018

Location: Houens Odde, Gilwell cabins

Price: Information later

Enrolment deadline: 1st December



Enrolement will be available here.