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If you need a nice place to host an event for a bigger group, then Stensgården is the place. It is a large, older farm that has been rebuilt into a facility that can host most event – both inside and outside.

About Stensgården

Most of the rooms have a view of the Eltang cove and the green fields that surround the three wings.
In the basement there is a pool table, lounge area and a small cinema.

Stensgården has beds for 56 people in 16 rooms with 2 and 4 beds on the first floor.

It has a large industrial kitchen, dining hall with an open fire place and three reasonably-sized conference rooms. It also offers small niches and common rooms that can be used as group rooms. The building tha toilet- and bathing rooms on the first floor. On the ground floors there are two large toilet- and bathing rooms that can be accessed from both the inside and outside. It also has a handicap toilet.

Camp sites at Stensgården

The large grassy areas at Stensgården are especially suited for larger camps with up to 2-3000 participants. At these areas you are allowed to dig fire places on the condition that these are covered up when you leave the camp.

Facilities at Stensgården:

  • Toilet house with cold and hot water, showers and a handicap bathroom
  • Poles for pioneering works
  • Fire wood
  • Garbage cans with garbage sorting signs

You can borrow:

  • Extra moveable fire places
  • Barrels for waste water

You can rent:

  • Patrol boxes with kitchen equipment
  • Tents

If you wish to inquire about prices, please contact our centre office: / 70105115 between 9 AM and 3 PM.

The Activity Centre

The Acitivy Centre at Houens Odde is surrounded by beech wood and close to Kolding Inlet.

About the Activity Centre

The Acitivty Centre consists of several wooden structures with grassy roofs. The buildings are used for centre camps in the summer season and can also be rented for school camps ans scout camps.

The largest building contains a large common room witch chairs for 50 people, a woodburning stove and a functioning kitchen.

There are also the three buildings that accomodates sleeping quarters for 50 people. One of these buildings have undergone indoor renovation in the spring of 2020. This now has 3 modules with 6 beds/bunks and a fourth separate compartment with 3 beds/bunks.

Toilets and bathing facilities are placed in a separate building.

If you would like to inquire about our prices, please contact our centre office: / 70105115 between 9 AM and 3 PM.

The Gilwell Complex

At the end of our road through the forest, right at the tip of Houens Odde is the Gilwell complex. A collection of five beautiful log houses with thatched roofs hiding underneath the trees.

About the Gilwell complex

The Gilwell complex is Houens Odde’s biggest conference center and at the same time one of the most cozy surroundings you can imagine.

In the drive way there is a small house shaped as a triangle which houses our thought- and worship room.
The complex also offers a wide range of room for outside activities both in nature and on the large terrace between the houses.

The buildings are adapted into a conference center and meeting place with three large meeting rooms and several small group rooms along with a dining room and one large and a smaller kitchen.

There is 68 beds in total distributed into two and four bed rooms.

Close to the Gilwell complex there are a lot of small camp sites that are perfect for tent camps.

If you wish to enquire about the prices, please contact our centre office: / 70105115 between 9 AM and 3 PM.


Roverknuden is a primitive, almost secret log cabin with a grassy roof. It lies in solitude in the forest of Houens Odde.

About Roverknuden

Roverknuden has a small loft with room for 8 people to sleep in. There is no electricity in the cabin and all lighting is done with a kerosene lamp or candles.

The cabin is warmed up by the fire place in the cabin. There is a small kitchen i a shed right next to Roverknuden.

Just outside is a modern toilet house with cold and hot water and showers. This can be used when renting Roverknuden.


If you wish to inquire about the prices, please contact our centre office: / +45 70105115 between 9 AM and 3 PM.

The cabin at Kidholmene

Kidholmene are two small island situated close to Houens Odde in Kolding Inlet. The islands are not inhabited and belong the the centre. The cabin is closed due to renovations in 2020-2021.

About Kidholmene

At the largest island is a wooden cabin with a very sparse kitchen and a toilet with manual flushing – this is done with a bucket of water from the sea. There are good possibilities for outdoor camping.

This cabin is currently not being advertised for renting, since it is under renovation. We hope to offer new and exciting possibilities in 2021.

Transportation to and from Kidholmene takes place in canoes.

Kidholmene is a bird sanctuary and it is only possible to book a stay here outside of the breeding season. This means that there is no access from April 1st until July 15th.

If you wish to inquire about the prices, please contact our centre office: / +45 70105115 between 9 AM and 3 PM.

Toilets & bathing facilities

Apart from the toilet- and bathing facilities in the conference and camp buildings at Houens Odde we have four large toilet- and bathing houses that can be used when you are camping with us.

About toilet- and bathing facilities

The buildings are separated into a ladies bathroom and a men’s bathroom. THere is also a handicap toilet with a shower and a water tap with cold water on the outside, fit for drinking and cooking.

The toilet- and bathing houses are placed at the Gilwell complex, close to the Activity Centre, one near Roverknuden and the last one at the large grassy areas at Stensgården.

If you would like to inquire about our indoor facilities please write your question to our centre office in the box to the right

– or call us at +45 7010 5115 between 9 AM and 3 PM.

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Outdoor facilities

Houens Odde Scout Centre has an oustanding nature in an Ice Age Landscape.
Camp sites, shelters and much more peeks out from the landscape.