The Local area

Things to see outside Houens Odde

Things to experience in the local area

Houens Odde is situated just outside the city of Kolding, but also relatively close to cities like Fredericia, Billund and Middelfart. On this page, you will find information on some of the local attractions, and links to tourist information.

The Royal Danish Collection


Experience the 750-year-old castle, which for centuries was one of the country’s most important royal castles. Today, Koldinghus is a modern museum and a world-class attraction with an award-winning restoration and large international exhibitions. End the visit to the old castle with a lunch in Madkælderen or a trip in the Giants’ Tower, where you can enjoy the view over the city, the fjord and the castle lake.


Koldinghus 1
6000 Kolding

Photos: Royal Danish Collection, Kongernes Samling, EK Foto, Dennis Borup

Slotssøbadet in Kolding

SlotssøBadet is an indoor waterpark with several swimmingpools, slides and much more. 


Hospitalsgade 16
6000 Kolding.

Photo: Slotssøbadet

Trapholt – museum of modern art, craft and design

Trapholt presents a steady succession of exhibitions on art, design and crafts and also boasts its own collections, including a large collection of Danish furniture design.

Inaugurated in 1988, the museum is located in a scenic area overlooking the Kolding Fjord. It is set within a large sculpture park featuring works by contemporary Danish artists.

The museum’s architecture is an attraction in itself. Arranged around a central museum street, the exhibition rooms offer many fascinating spaces to explore. Outside, a powerfully sculptural wall separates the museum from the park


Æblehaven 23
6000 Kolding

Photo: Trapholt

Legoland® Billund

Visit the original Lego park in Billund. 

LEGOLAND® Billund Resort is Denmark’s most famous and popular amusement park for families and children of all ages. With so much fun, speed and action for the whole family, is just one day enough?



Legoland Billund Resort
Nordmarksvej 9,
7190 Billund


Bridgewalking on top of the Old Little Belt Bridge

Walk on top of the bridge between Funen and Jutland.
You can look forward to experiencing the rush, feeling the brisk air, the amazing view, and a guide’s interesting stories. 20 guests can do the walk at the same time and the walk takes 2 hours, including a safety briefing and changing clothes.



Bridgewalking Welcome Center
Galsklintvej 2
5500 Middelfart.

Photo: Bridgewalking

Madsbyparken Fredericia

Madsbyparken is an activity park – mostly aimed at the younger kids. There is also a miniature city.

The entrance is free.



Lumbyesvej 45
7000 Fredericia

Photo: Madsbyparken

Legeparken Kolding (Kolding play park)

Legeparken Kolding is situated not far from Koldinghus and the train station.
This is a green park with lots of fun acitivies for children. You can buy food, bevarages, candy and ice cream in the small shop Bamsehuset.

Entrance is free.



Legeparken Kolding
Grønningen 2
6000 Kolding


Kongernes Jelling

Part of the National Museum of Denmark, Kongernes Jelling tells the history of the viking Kings. Jelling is also the home of the famous Jelling Monuments where erected by king Harold Bluetooth, when the Danes became christian. 

The Museum is an exciting and interactive exhibition for all age groups.

More than a thousand years ago, the monuments in Jelling were created in order to show posterity:

  • Here, the country was gathered into a kingdom
  • Here, the name “Denmark” makes its appearance for the first time
  • Here, Christianity became the official religion of Denmark
  • Here, the king – the progenitor of the current Danish house of royalty – was presented
  • Here, stands the symbol of the founding of the Danish nation
  • Here, the change from a Nordic pagan society to an European civilisationis marked out

The Danish nation was born and created in Jelling and in 1994 the Jelling Monuments were put on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

There is no similar monument to be found anywhere else in the World.


Kongernes Jelling
Gormsgade 23,
7300 Jelling


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