SCENES – nature & environment

We take care of nature

At Houens Odde we take our nature and the environment seriously. We must take care of the nature we all love. That is why Houens Odde Scout Centre has been a SCENES centre for many years – and continues to be.

SCENES is an international certification for scouting centers that set high standards for their nature and the environment policies. SCENES stands for “Scout Centers of Excellence for Nature, Environment and Sustainability”.

At Houens Odde it reflects both in the way we communicate about nature and the environment, for example. on topics such as plastics in nature, plastics in the sea and our general nature activities.

But it’s also about trying to optimize buildings so that we save as much as possible when it comes to resources such as electricity, heat and water.

And then it is very much about how we handle our waste. You can read much more about this further down.

A SCENES-certified scout centre

Houens Odde Scout Centre is one of a total of 34 environmentally certified scouting centers in the world. The certification is called SCENES – Scout Centers of Excellence for Nature, Environment and Sustainability.

In order to become SCENES certified, a scouting center must amongst other things – in both in its day-to-day operations and the activities offered – live up to the following expectations:


  • Work to protect natural resources
  • Preserve the green surroundings of the center
  • Creating environmental education programs that give scouts insight and the opportunity to take an active position on environmental issues

SCENES allows scouts around the world to actively participate in a sustainable process for the benefit and enjoyment of nature and the environment.

The SCENES-centers form an international network, which strengthens three pillars of scouting:

  • Education through nature and environment
  • Learning about nature and the environment
  • Action in favor of nature and the environment.

Waste handling at Houens Odde

At Houens Odde, we have done our best to create an easy to understand sorting system that is based on the pictograms and waste fractions that many municipalities in Denmark are using. That is why many will recognize the stickers on our waste bins.


Waste fractions

By all toilet building and at Stensgården, at the Activity Center and behind the Gilwell lodges, there are waste stations where waste is to be sorted. Our visitor groups must therefore sort waste at the camp site, and subsequently deliver it in the proper containers at these waste stations.

The following fractions are sorted: