Volunteer at Houens Odde

The volunteers at Houens Odde

Get to know more about the volunteers at Houens Odde International Scout Centre.

The Houmen

The Danish volunteers at Houens Odde International Scout Centre are known as Houmen. You can join the Houman community if you are 16 years or older. The Houmen develop and run activities and camps for scouts and guides from Denmark and from the rest of the world.

In spring and in autumn volunteers, both Houmen and others, meet for a week (VEKLA) to prepare the centre for the summer or winter season. Find more information in the calendar.

“If you can dream it, we can do it…”

International volunteers

All year round there are international volunteers at Houens Odde International Scout Centre. They live at the centre together with the Danish Give A-Year scouts. You don’t have to be a scout at home to join the volunteer programme at Houens Odde.

The international volunteers reach Houens Odde through the EU supported programme: European Solidarity Corps, which is an offer for youth aged between 18 and 30 who want to spend 2 to 12 months abroad making voluntary service.

The volunteers are part of the daily work at Houens Odde and help making scout camps as well. At Houens Odde there have been volunteers from most of the world.

Do you also want to be a volunteer at Houens Odde International Scout Centre? For more information or inquiries on how to become an international short term or long term volunteer at Houens Odde, please contact the center office

Short term volunteer

Houens Odde International Scout Centre is a part of the programme: European Scout Voluntary Programme. This is a programme for scout in the age of 18-30. The programme takes place during the summer and you will be a part of the centre camp staff, doing activities for the scout groups on camp at the centre. If you are interested in participating in this programme. please contact the office at


Many wonderful people from all around the globe, have been international volunteers at Houens Odde over the years. In these photos you can meet a few of them.