Summer camps

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Summer camps at Houens Odde


Summer Camps at Houens Odde are great summer experiences for scouts & guides of all ages.

Stay at a camp site in the forest, go sailing or paddeling on the sea, have fun with handy-craft activities in the “Mosehus”, get up close with nature, climb the trees, go on nadventurous night runs and feel the community by the camp fire with your new friends from Denmark and other countries.

Our volunteering staff members are looking forward to greeting you a warm welcome at Houens Odde for a fun week filled with great outdoor experiences.

Summer camps 2024

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Our selection of activities are varied and offers options for everyones taste.

Oue many activites taking place at the centre, is included in the price you pay for staying at Houens Odde.

Extra fees may apply to activities taking place outside the centre. Several places it is possible to get a discount on entrance fees, because you are scouts staying at Houens Odde. Ask the staff in your week about these options in your summer camp week.


Keep in mind that the range of activities may vary from week to week, as several activities depend on available competencies among the volunteer camp staff attending your week. We do our best to ensure a wide range of skills and thereby a large selection of activities

Important practical infomation

Find information about all the things that are good to know when attending a summer camp at Houens Odde.
Here we have gathered answers to frequently asked questions as well as practical information about a center camp.

How camp enrollment works

Fill out the registration form as precisely as possible regarding the number of people attending from your scout group.
The registration form will close June 1st.

On April 1st. the registration form for activity priorities will open. We kindly ask you to fill out this form, as quickly as you can. You must prioritise 3 activities, you wish to try during the camp. We will try to accomodate all priorities, but due to planning changes may occur. It will be possible to make changes and add activies to your  schedule, when you have arrived at the centre.

As contact person for your scout group, you will recieve an email from the camp leader of your camp week, containing a more detailed description and information regarding your camp week.


However, we kindly urge you to prepare for the camp, by reading the practical information available at this website: