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27 12 2022 - 01 01 2023


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Scout Scoop 2022-23

Are you looking for an amazing way to celebrate new years eve?
Together with a whole new group of people, and soon to be friends?
With scouts from all over the world?
Then you’re in luck!

The Scout Scoop staff have put together the most exciting and unforgettable event to celebrate the beginning of a new year with. There will be lots of activities to keep you entertained. But also time for cozines and relaxing.

But Scout Scoop is about celebrating New years eve. We do so with an awesome theme party, which we are disclosing when we get closer to the event.

We start the camp at Kolding Train Station, where we will walk to the next destination and continue the fun at Houens Odde International Scoutcenter, where the event will be hosted. The accommodation is indoors at Gilwell.
When the event sadly is over, the 1st of january, you will be transported to Fredericia Train station so you can catch a train home, after an experience filled week, with new friends and new acquaintances.

Since there will be participants and staff from around the world, camp language will be English and there is space for  everyone.

Age: 15-18
Price: 1500 DKK.
Camp leader: Lucas Guldberg Frydendall

Maximum number of participants: 64

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